Certified Security Audits by Block Consilium.

Certified Smart Contract Audits by Block Consilium. Specializing in CROWDSALE and ERC20 token contracts.
Launch your smart contracts with confidence. Block Consilium can verify that your smart contract system works as intended
by performing an audit. Our engineers fully review your system’s architecture and your smart contracts codebase,
then write a thorough report with actionable feedback for every issue found.

How does the Block Consilium Auditing Process Work?

  1. Request a smart contract audit quote and choose to use our services. We're excited and would love to work with you.
  2. Our audit process consists of four categories of analysis. Design patterns, static analysis, manual analysis, and network behavior. We manually review your code, line by line, asking questions and inspecting what we expect from every function and variable.
  3. We send you the first smart contract audit report which contains detailed, comprehensive feedback for any issues we discover during the auditing process. Your team completes any fixes needed.
  4. If necessary, we perform a remediation audit to confirm any fixes required. We then deliver your beautiful PDF audit report to you.

Audits Completed

We've completed 45 Flawless Audits, many of which are public and you can find them on our GitHub.


Lines of Code

Our engineers have carefully reviewed and Audited so many lines of code, sharpening their already awesome skills!


Issues Discovered

By catching the vulnerabilities in their code and suggesting fixes, we've probably saved Millions of USD to our customers!

Our Customers

We're proud of who we've worked with.

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Why Choose Block Consilium?

Security in Immutable World

Our work is rooted in the necessity for perfection. In the world of immutable code, any flaw, any missed vulnerability, is a liability; some can lose you millions of dollars.

Professional Auditing

Work with us and you'll understand the difference between a professional security auditing firm and some random guy from Reddit. We do the work and deliver on time, everytime.

Auditing Partners

Our relationship doesn't end after we deliver your initial audit results. We work closely with you and perform remediation audits for any code updates. We're part of your team; you can count on us to be there for you.

Truly Indepenent

We are 100% focused on smart contract auditing and offer no additional services. This ensures your audit is completely unbiased and performed by a truly independent third party — us.

Ready to Work Together?

Request a quote and let's get to work! (audits@blockconsilium.com)